SDI Open Water Scuba Diver

Learn the essential skills to conduct safety open water dives.



You will learn all the theory on the SDI eLearning site and at the end your instructor will go through the topics to confirm your knowledge or fill in the gaps.


Pool Session

Here you will practice your skills in the confined water environment to start developing the muscle memory that will help you later on to have more fun during your dives.


Ocean Session

The final step will be to perform skills you have learned during the pool session in open water environment. Upon successfully completing you can start your new adventures.



An SDI Open Water course usually takes three to four days to complete. One day is for learning and practice the skills in pool and rest is for further skills development in the ocean. Academic sessions are done prior the pool session and can be done in the evenings or via SDI eLearning. Best plan is two consecutive weekends, but we are flexible and happy to adjust to your preferred schedule.


Our pool sessions are usually taking place at diving pool in Tsurumi-ku (Yokohama area) and the ocean sessions are taking place at Osezaki and/or Atami (using Osekan Marine Service and Atami Scuba). These locations are well equipped for the Open Water course and offers protected diving spots so the weather is not much of the limitation.


You don't want to commute to/from Tokyo or Yokohama for the course and our recommendation is to stay in the area. For classes taking place in Atami, our choice of hotels would be Toyoko Inn Eki Mae or Prince Smart Inn Atami.

For classes taking place in Osezaki, you can stay at Osekan, the dive center of our choice. For about 8,000JPY per person per night you can stay in their traditional Japanese room with tatami mats and futons, dinner & breakfast included. Or you can stay in regular hotel in Numazu but you will need car to commute to the dive site in the morning.


Please arrange for your own transportation. It will take approx. 30 minutes on Shinkansen from Shin Yokohama station to Atami Station.

There is no public transportation available for Osezaki.


You will need the below diving equipment for the course:

Rentals are usually available at the dive center but, please contact us in advance to be sure to get the right size. In case your size rental is not available you will need to purchase your own prior the course.​


The fee for SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course is 68,000JPY.

Gear rentals available. Please contact us in advance to secure the gear that fits your size.


  • BCD (stainless steel backplate type): 3,200JPY

  • Regulator (single tank long hose set): 3,200JPY

  • Diving computer: 3,200JPY

  • Fins: 1,000JPY

  • Holster pockets: 550JPY

  • Weight: 250JPY per 1kg

  • Weight belt: Free

Rentals are charged on per day basis.

Not included

  • Transport to/from dive site/resort

  • Resort or hotel accommodation

  • Meals

  • Rentals

  • No additional hidden costs

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Reserve your spot today
  1. Contact us to find a date that works best for you

  2. Pay a 20,000JPY non-refundable deposit to secure your dates

  3. Prepare for the class by reviewing the follow up email