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From Recreational to Technical

No matter if you look up some dive shop close to you to get certified or while on your holidays in some resort, almost everyone starts the same way of scuba diving. We call it recreational scuba diving.

You get certified in no-time, paying some good money to rent gear and being guided through one of the most amazing places in the world. While there is a benefit of ease and convenience in this approach the environmental impact could be quite significant. And your own safety is also something to consider.

What happens to these coral branches after they've being hit by your fins? What is the impact of hiring the sea bed every time while going to dive because of not being properly weighted? Can your gas supply last longer if the buoyancy and trim is correct? Who and when inspected the gear I will use on my next dive? There are many good things in moving from rec to tec.

I am not professional technical diver but as I am progressing on my path, I will try to explain some of my finding along the way.

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