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scuba diving is fun but can it be more?

let's learn how to explore and protect together

Coral Reef Island

SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Classes

Don't wait, your new adventures can start today.

Take the first step into the underwater world.


Diving tours in Japan and worldwide

Let's join our trip and explore Japanese marine life or take it abroad and start your new adventures.


Underwater photo and videography

If you need documenting your scientific project or just would like to have a memory of your first family dive.

Explore beyond the Open Water limits!

There is much more to see below the basic OWSD limit of 18 meters of depth.

Why not to take on the challenge and sign up for

the SDI Advanced Scuba Diver Development Program.

By completing the Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation and two more speciality courses*,

you will not only become more confident in the water, but you will also gain access

to all the aquatic beauty up to 40 meters deep.

25 logged dives, including training dives, required.

*Specialities we offer:

Advanced Buoyancy Control, Boat Diver, Computer Nitrox Diver, Deep Diving, Dry Suit Diver, Rescue Diver, Shore/Beach Diving,

U/W Navigation, U/W Video